Social Action: Children For Peace7th July 2014

Children for Peace (previously Watoto Vacanc’art) is a summer school for children and young people between the ages of 4 and 15 years old. For one month each summer, around 500 children and young people attend the project over  2 locations in the city of Goma, for 3 days per week each. Children learn new artistic and creative skills, hear teaching on teamwork and leadership, and have lots of fun together! Children For Peace aims to promote the values of peace, active non-violence and the peaceful co-existence of all peoples through the expressions of children in the arts (drawing, painting, cinema, theater, dance, poetry etc..) and other training, games and entertainment.

Children for Peace is run by BADEN Developpement.  Our Leader Mentors and Young Leaders are involved in volunteering for the project. The Congo Tree DRC team are also supporting them with training and planning, as well as giving funds to support the work. We are excited that The Congo Tree volunteers will be able to start passing on some of the things they have learned to younger people and develop their understanding of their own role as leader in their community.

Providing educational acitivites for children and young people in Goma during school holidays is not just a nice thing to do. In fact, it is really important to us: this is a time when children may be required to work or spend all day on the streets, where they are at risk from many things. Giving them a place to go, food to eat and acitivities to get involved with protects them for a little bit longer and equips them for life in new ways. We’re wishing them lots of fun this summer!

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